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Sunday 11th July 2021

Welcome to a page dedicated to our Vintage Vehicle areas.

At the most recent Spilsby Show, we welcomed a whole host of exhibitors from all over the region. This interesting display included a wide variety of vintage cars and motor cycles as well as a varied selection of tractors and oil engines. We hope that once again we can welcome a huge selection of vintage exhibits to the Show.

Download | 2021 Tractor and Oil Engine entry form*.
Download | 2021 Vintage Vehicle entry form*.

* Forms for 2021 coming soon.


If you would like to add your Vintage Tractor or Oil Engine to our display this year, please contact Joe Young on 07702 862919. We look forward to welcoming you to the Show on Sunday 11th July. Booking is now open for this year’s Show so please get in touch with us. Let’s make the 2021 event a vintage year!


At our most recent event, we had one of our largest and most varied displays of vintage cars and motor cycles that we have ever seen. It was as always, a very popular display and gave the public a chance to get close to cars from days gone by!

Would you like to add your Vintage Car or Motor Cycle to this year’s display? Please contact Mike Walton on 01790 752975. We look forward to seeing you in July. Let’s try to make this year’s display at the Spilsby Show the best ever!


Those people who are visiting the Show and are exhibiting in our Vintage Areas are politely asked to enter the Showground via the RED entrance. You will be sent a RED pass. This indicates the colour of the entrance that exhibitors should use to enter the showground. All of the entrances will be well signposted from all major routes leading into Spilsby. If you would like further information, please email us:

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